Engineering (ENGR-NY)

ENGR-NY 24  Summer Program for Automation Robotics and Coding  (0 Credits)  
Students will learn how to use micro-controllers, interface sensors and actuators through the components provided in the robotic kit. Along with practical implementation, they will be given an insight into the history of robotics, and a glimpse of what the future holds for the automation industry and those who are a part of it.
Grading: Not For Credit  
Repeatable for additional credit: Yes  
ENGR-NY 2340  Summer Research Program  (0 Credits)  
Typically offered Summer term  
The Undergraduate Summer Research Program course is a non-credit seminar course, required for any student participating in the Tandon Summer Research Program, that has the following goals: -to review the program's deadlines, timeline, rules, processes, and calendar of events -to coordinate the various seminars, lectures, and other events associated with the program -to introduce strategies and tips for better academic and professional advancement -to provide better insight into research professions and the different paths for entry into this field -to foster a better program community that discusses questions, issues, and concerns surrounding STEM research. Department permission required
Grading: Non-Credit Pass/Fail  
Repeatable for additional credit: Yes