Graduate Academics (GA-GY)

GA-GY 9101  Special Topics for Graduate Interdisciplinary Academics  (1 Credit)  
Typically offered Fall and Spring  
The purpose of this course is to allow for special topics that span multiple disciplines across Tandon Graduate Academics. Any graduate student at Tandon will be able to register for the course, with the permission of their departmental advisor, and Graduate Academics staff.
Grading: Grad Poly Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: Yes  
GA-GY 9993  Writing and Communication for Engineers and Scientists  (3 Credits)  
Typically offered Fall and Spring  
This course aims to train graduate students in engineering and science to become more effective writers and communicators, using both theoretical instruction and practical examples/exercises. Topics include: principles of good writing, the format of a scientific manuscript, publication and peer review issues, preparation of a scientific talk, and communication with the press and the general public. A mini-course on “improvisation for scientists,” held by a professional teacher/actor, will be a fun part of the class, with the goal of teaching students to talk in public in a more spontaneous and interactive way. Throughout the class, students will be asked to work on both their writing samples and their presentations. Grading will be based on writing and communication quality and on the degree of improvement between initial and final products. | Prerequisite: Standing PhD Candidate, RE-GY 9990 and department permission required
Grading: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory  
Repeatable for additional credit: No