Urology (URO-ML)

URO-ML 4059  Pediatric Urology  (2 Credits)  
"The elective in pediatric urology will be a combination of office shadowing and assisting in surgery. Students will learn how to take a detailed urologic history and will learn how to perform a focused urologic exam. They will learn how to interpret and when to order various studies such as sonograms, VCUG, Renal scans and urologic CT and MRI studies. They will be exposed to both invasive and noninvasive Urodynamics and will learn about the neurophysiology of voiding and voiding dysfunction. Students will be exposed to the full range of all pediatric urology issues in our busy office setting. Surgery will take place 3-4 days per week, and students will be expected to assist in the operating room. There will be ample opportunity to learn basic stitching and tie suturing, so students should have some experience in this skill. They will be asked to assist in each surgery and at times will even be the first and only assistant to the primary surgeon. While at the hospital, students will also shadow the attending physician in rounds and consults. We work closely with pediatric radiology, nephrology, endocrinology and NICU team, and students will be involved in those interdisciplinary discussions and meetings/conferences. The students' time will be split between the clinic/ office where we typically see 30-40 patients, and the operating room where 4-7 cases are usually performed daily. LISOM students will attend longitudinal learning sessions on Tuesday afternoons."
Grading: SOM Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: Yes