Creative Writing (CWP-UF)

CWP-UF 101  Creative Writing: Places  (4 Credits)  
Typically offered Fall and Spring  
Place not only sets mood in literature, it also functions as character. It changes, exerts influence, and is even driven by its own mysterious motives. Students in this course will consider how writers use place, geography, landscape, and nationality in literature; they will also practice the depiction and use of these elements in their own creative work. The course will emphasize fiction, but will offer opportunities to write and analyze creative nonfiction and multimedia works. We’ll look at published literature alongside the stories and creative nonfiction students produce. The course will require extensive writing, class participation, and peer feedback: most sessions will be devoted to workshops of student writing. The goal? To become better readers and creative writers, and to develop a heightened appreciation for the role of place in literature, as well as the complexity of producing literary work.
Grading: FAS Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: No