NYU Shanghai (NYU-SHU)

NYU-SHU 100  Public Speaking in a Leadership Context  (2 Credits)  
Typically offered occasionally  
The purpose of this course is to provide a competitively chosen group of students a unique opportunity to practice and improve their public speaking and public presentation skills within a leadership development context. All students will take the class together and enrollment is capped at 24 students. Students will submit applications to the class during the spring/early summer of 2017, stating the reasons for their interest, and receive word of their selection by the NYUSH administration by early summer. Students will be instructed on various public speaking tips and will be given assignments outside of class and various exercises in class to learn what goes into an effective speech or presentation and how to enhance their public speaking skills. They will read, listen to, and analyze some of the world’s greatest speeches; take part in both individual and team-based public speaking exercises; and receive detailed feedback from the instructor and classmates on content, style, organization, and delivery. The aims are that by the conclusion of the class, students will be familiar with numerous different types of speeches and presentations, will understand how leaders can use their public speaking skills to good effect, will have learned both how to employ positive speech techniques and to minimize negative speech habits, and will have more confidence in their own public speaking ability. The course will be offered for 2 credit hours. Attendance is mandatory, as no part can be repeated or replicated. Why should you consider signing up for "Public Speaking in a Leadership Context" for fall 2017? Hear from some students who took the course: From Tim Miao, Class of 2017: "When I was featured in the first Alumni Newsletter, I was asked what was my favorite course during the four years. My answer was Public Speaking in a Leadership Context, without any doubts. The course focused on public speaking techniques and was instructed by Professor Diane Yu, former Deputy President of NYU. Her specialty and personal charm inspired me significantly, as she taught me not only public speaking skills but also how to become a well-respected leader." From Yixu Lin, Class of 2017: "A good class is one where you realize that you learned something useful, something beneficial; but a great class, is only the start of something new when it comes towards an end. Professor Yu's class is the second kind. I am becoming a leader with more mindfulness, influence and empathy----- something I did not expect before taking her class." Prerequisite: None. Fulfillment: General Elective.
Grading: Ugrd Shanghai Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: No  
NYU-SHU 101  Approaching China  (1 Credit)  
This course exposes students to multiple perspectives on China. Scholars in diverse disciplines share their expertise and experiences on topics related to China's history, society, economy, and culture.
Grading: Ugrd Shanghai Pass/Fail  
Repeatable for additional credit: Yes  
NYU-SHU 102  Transitions: What’s Next?  (1 Credit)  
Artists, entrepreneurs, activists, scientists and community leaders have responded to uncertain futures, turning points, and challenges in innovative ways. This course will use comparative global case studies to explore the personal character and social clarity that is built by adversity, analyzing how unprecedented conditions foster new paradigms. Guest speakers will offer insight into key turning points and contemporary challenges, and students will apply developing skills to addressing a problem they identify in the current moment of transition.
Grading: Ugrd Shanghai Pass/Fail  
Repeatable for additional credit: No  
NYU-SHU 1999.1   Research in Shanghai  (1 Credit)  
Research in Shanghai
Grading: Class does not print on the transcript  
Repeatable for additional credit: No