Religious Studies (RELS-SHU)

RELS-SHU 9270  Religion and Society in China: Ghosts, Gods, Buddhas and Ancestors.  (4 Credits)  
Typically offered Fall and Spring  
This course is a survey of the major historical and contemporary currents of China’s religious thought and practice, including Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism and “popular religion”. It will focus on the interactions between such teachings and practices, as well as on the role of religion in Chinese society. You will study topics such as divination, visual culture, ritual, ancestor worship, morality, longevity techniques, healing practices and meditation. A selected number of primary and secondary sources will be discussed in each lecture; documentary films and visits to religious sites will be also key constituents of the course. Please note if you miss the first class of the term, you will need to contact the instructor to determine if you can still remain enrolled in the course. Fulfillment: CORE SSPC or IPC; GCS Chinese History, Society, and Culture; Humanities Interdisciplinary/Advanced Courses (18-19: Topic).
Grading: Ugrd Shanghai Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: No  
  • SB Crse Attr: NYU Shanghai: GCSE: Chinese History, Society, and Culture
  • SB Crse Attr: NYU Shanghai: Humanities Advanced Course- Interdisciplinary Crse
  • SB Crse Attr: NYU Shanghai: Humanities Other Advanced Course
  • SB Crse Attr: NYU Shanghai: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on China
  • SB Crse Attr: NYU Shanghai: Social Science Perspective on China