Performance Studies (PERF-GT)

PERF-GT 1000  Introduction to Performance Studies  (4 Credits)  
Typically offered Fall  
Majors Only:This course will introduce incoming Master’s students to some of the concepts, terms, and theoretical genealogies that they can expect to encounter in Performance Studies. What makes performance studies performance studies, and why do it? In considering this question we will consider the specificity of performance as an object of study, a mode of inquiry, a practice of self-hood and sociality, and as an aesthetic practice; we will also focus on the specific challenges and potentialities in writing about/as performance.
Grading: Grad Tisch Pass/Fail  
Repeatable for additional credit: No  
PERF-GT 2100  Topics Critical Theory:  (4 Credits)  
Typically offered occasionally  
Topics change each term: Please refer to department course website for current description when offered.
Grading: Grad Tisch Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: No