Dental Hygiene Level 1 (DHYG1-UD)

DHYG1-UD 117  Clinical Practicum Level I  (0 Credits)  
Typically offered Fall, Spring, and Summer terms  
Designed for those students who are away from the dental hygiene clinic for no more than than one year, fail Principles of Dental Hygiene I Lecture have completed Principles of Dental Hygiene I from another dental hygiene program prior to return to patient care.
Grading: Ugrd Dental Pass/Fail  
Repeatable for additional credit: No  
DHYG1-UD 118  Advanced Standing Clinical Practicum  (0 Credits)  
Through laboratory, discussion and independent study, the student is provided the opportunity to review and practice all clinical skills in delivering dental hygiene treatment to proficiency. This is a restricted course and is limited to Dental Hygiene Advanced Standing students only.
Repeatable for additional credit: No