Preclinical Skills (PCL11-DN)

PCL11-DN 3608  Advanced Prosthodontics  (3 Credits)  
This course, given to D3 students, is related to Prosthodontic Sciences and emphasizes restoration and maintenance of oral function, comfort, esthetics and health of patients by restoration of natural teeth and/or replacement of missing teeth and craniofacial tissues. It is designed to build on the development and refinement of the concepts of Fixed Prosthodontics and Removable Prosthodontics presented in the D2 courses (PCL11-DN 2509 and PCL11-DN 2609), and Implant Dentistry to expand the student's knowledge base. Special emphasis is placed on developing fundamental biologic and preventive principles with a progression to procedures that are more complex and sophisticated. This course is open only to students in the Doctor of Dental Surgery program. Core curriculum.
Grading: Dental Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: No