Business, Organizations and Society (BA)

Program Description

The Business, Organizations and Society (BOS) program gives students an holistic perspective on the complex interactions and interdependencies between business and society. The program integrates business theory and application, and leverages key principles of liberal arts. Students will be provided with a platform to effectively analyze business decisions and outcomes from multiple lenses (i.e., social, political, economic), with an emphasis on the role and responsibilities of business and organizations in society. The major equips students with broad methodological grounding, including quantitative and qualitative assessment capabilities and competence in business fundamentals. Students will learn to be effective organizational and global leaders through strategic thinking, practical experience, analytical, and quantitative skills, in conjunction with a focus on teamwork, communications, innovation, and creativity.

The BOS curriculum provides essential tools needed to thrive in global organizations, and the broad perspective on how to effectively apply these tools. It is grounded on a range of offerings that are designed to inculcate core values of curiosity, tolerance, creativity, data-driven analysis, and principle-based decision-making. The BOS major will produce well-rounded students with specific competencies to examine the broader societal context of business, ad contribute to the transformation of global economies. First, upon completion of the program, students will demonstrate mastery of social science theories and approaches for acquiring knowledge, and demonstrate understanding of functional areas of business and apply business practices. Second, BOS students will gain the capacity to demonstrate and apply ethical reasoning to social, political and business dilemmas; and collaborate and cooperate on project-based work simulating real-world strategic decisions and communication. Third, BOS students will be able to examine the development of markets and state systems with reference to key historical and cultural phenomenon, and apply quantitative reasoning and data analysis to questions concerning market developments, trends, and forecasts. Finally, the curriculum is designed to expose students to the principles of building effective organizations, by learning to work constructively in larger aggregates (e.g., teams), as both leaders and followers.

Students in the BOS major are expected to become excellent strategists, with advanced written and oral communication skills; understanding of social science frameworks, tools and applications; aptitude in quantitative reasoning (e.g., math, statistics); familiarity with technologies on the frontiers of knowledge creation (e.g., computer programming, artificial intelligence); professional competence in the core functions of business; and the capacity to create innovative solutions to complex problems.


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