Arabic (Minor)

Program Description

Language is the principal means through which humans communicate and a major vehicle in the development of thought, culture, and aesthetic expression. Studying language makes one aware of other conceptual and cultural worlds and able to reach more effectively into those worlds and bridge cultures. NYUAD language courses are structured to increase competency at every level in speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills. Every language course introduces cultural material that highlights the connectedness of language, culture, and thought. Students who choose to acquire a new language or to pursue advanced study of a language with which they are already familiar are better poised to realize their potential as 21st-century global citizens. For these many reasons, students are strongly encouraged to study a language other than English while at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Languages offered at NYU Abu Dhabi through regular coursework are Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish. By studying Arabic, students encounter and begin to grasp the first language of Abu Dhabi and the region. Classroom learning is enhanced by opportunities to apply language skills in the community and to travel to other Arabic-speaking countries. Students of Chinese are able to spend at least one semester at NYU’s other portal campus in Shanghai, and are able to begin or continue learning Chinese at NYU New York or NYU Shanghai, while students of French are able to take advantage of the numerous French language offerings at NYU’s global network site in Paris.

Students who wish to advance their proficiency in languages other than Arabic, Chinese and French may take advantage of the immersive language instruction offered at NYU’s global network sites in Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Tel Aviv, and Prague. Non-credit language courses are also offered in Spanish, German, and Italian. With approval of the Dean of Arts and Humanities, students may petition to study certain ancient or so-called non-living languages (for example, Latin) offered at NYU New York through special tutorial agreements. Non-credit tutorials can also be arranged in Abu Dhabi for a variety of world languages.

The goal of the minor in Arabic is to provide students with the proficiency to understand and use the Arabic language. The minor in Arabic is useful for many careers and academic specializations that require practical fluency in both Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic.

Students who elect to pursue the minor are required to take the following three courses: Intermediate Arabic 1 & 2 (or equivalent) and Colloquial Arabic (or equivalent). The minor in Arabic is open only to students for whom Arabic is not the first language. However, exceptions can be considered for native speakers who have had no formal schooling in Arabic.