African Studies (Minor)

Program Description

This minor in African studies provides students with the opportunity to engage with the study of Africa from a range of disciplines, acquire in-depth knowledge of African societies and cultures, and become conversant with the major social concerns, intellectual debates, and artistic expressions relevant to the continent. The minor is expected to appeal in particular to students who wish to pursue careers on the continent in public service, non-profit work, or business, and to those who wish to undertake graduate study related to Africa.

Minors in African studies must complete the required “Africa in the World” plus three Africa-focused electives. To ensure the appropriate breadth within the minor’s choice of electives, each minor must take at least one elective in Arts and Humanities and one in Social Sciences. In addition to electives at NYUAD, minors may satisfy the elective requirements by taking another course in the NYU global network that contains significant material on Africa and in which their final project (if required) includes Africa as a major area/subject of focus.

The mastery of African languages (including Arabic, French, and Portuguese) directly contributes to the minor’s learning objectives. Minors may meet one elective requirement through a language course. In the case of relevant languages offered at NYUAD (i.e. Arabic and French), only courses that correspond to at least the Intermediate 2 level may count towards the minor. For African languages only offered at other sites of the GNU, any 4 credits of language study may count.