Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate Cost of Attendance AY 2022–20231

Fee Cost
Tuition $55,383
Registration and Service Fees $2,785
Books and Supplies $1,730
Health Insurance2,3 $1,714
Room and board (meals)4 $11,800
Estimated personal expenses $2,364
Estimated travel $3,584
Total cost of attendance (estimated) $79,360

Initial financial aid awards are based on prior, estimated costs of attendance.


Entry visas require that students be covered by health insurance that originates in the United Arab Emirates. Consequently, health insurance is a mandatory fee for any student who holds an NYUAD-sponsored UAE visa.


In accordance with the Federal Decree Law No (8) of 2017, a Value Added Tax will be applied to Estimated Health Insurance at the rate of 5%. Students who receive partial financial aid during the fall and spring semesters will be responsible for VAT charges during any given semester, including J-Term and summer.


The Estimated Campus Housing rate reflects the cost of a private bedroom within a shared 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom suite. A private studio or 1-bedroom unit, if required and available, would incur extra charges.

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