Arab Music Studies (Minor)

Program Description

Arab Music Studies is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the production and dissemination of knowledge about Arab music as a repertoire (or set of repertoires), system of musical practice, and cultural phenomenon. The minor in Arab music studies offers students an opportunity to explore Arab history, society, and culture from a musical direction. It is expected to appeal to students interested in pursuing careers in the arts (especially in the MENA) and/or graduate work in anthropology, ethnomusicology, or Middle Eastern studies. The minor emphasizes hands-on training in Arab music performance, but prior experience in music performance is not required or even expected for students who undertake it.

The Arab Music Studies minor consists of one required course in Music, “Arab Music Cultures,” which is offered every year; one course in Arab Crossroads; and at least eight credits (generally four courses) in the area of Arab music performance (oud, Arab percussion, etc.). For the Arab Crossroads course, students may choose between “Anthropology and the Arab World”, “Emergence of the Modern Middle East”, and “Intro to Modern Arabic Literature”. Arabic language courses do not count toward the minor.