Grade Entry & Changes

Final grades are submitted by faculty (or authorized administrators) and shared with students via Albert SIS (NYU’s student information system) and are due 72 hours after the last day of the semester/term. Once a grade has been submitted and recorded on the transcript, it is considered final. To appeal a final grade, students must consult the professor who assigned the grade. If the student decides to appeal the grade further, a formal written appeal should be submitted to the department chair and/or the office of the academic dean. The decision of the department and/or the office of the academic dean is final in matters related to changing a final grade. 

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The GPA is a weighted average that measures scholastic achievement on a scale from 4.000, an A, to 0.000, an F; and is the quotient of quality points earned divided by quality credits/hours.

Grade Values

The list below is exhaustive, and a specific grade may not be valid at all NYU schools or divisions.

Grade Description
A (Excellent) 4.000
A- (Excellent) 3.667
B+ (Good) 3.333
B (Good) 3.000
B- (Good) 2.667
C+ (Satisfactory) 2.333
C (Satisfactory) 2.000
C- (Satisfactory) 1.667
D+ (Minimum Passing Grade) 1.333
D (Minimum Passing Grade) 1.000
F (Failure) 0.000
IF (Incomplete-Failing) Excluded from GPA
IP (Incomplete-Passing) Excluded from GPA
I (Incomplete) Excluded from GPA
P (Passing) Excluded from GPA
W (Withdrew Officially) Excluded from GPA
NI (Need Improvement - Midterm Grade Only) Excluded from GPA
NR (No Record) Excluded from GPA
N (No Credit / Unofficial Withdrawal) Excluded from GPA
R (Registered Auditor) Excluded from GPA
S (Satisfactory) Excluded from GPA
UE (Unable to Evaluate - Midterm Grade Only) Excluded from GPA
U (Unsatisfactory Progress) Excluded from GPA
V Grades preceded with V are not included in GPA or totals for attempted, passed or completed credits
* Grades preceded with V are not included in GPA or totals for attempted, passed or completed credits
AUD (Auditor Status) Excluded from GPA
*** (Coursework in Progress / No Grade Reported) Excluded from GPA

Incomplete (I) Grades

The grade of Incomplete (I) is a temporary grade that indicates a student has, for reasons due to extenuating circumstances, not yet completed all of the required course work, but would possibly pass the course when requirements are completed. A student may request an I from the professor. To receive an I the student must provide rationale for the request and there should be documented agreement with the professor on the remaining course requirements and deadline by which those remaining requirements must be completed. professors may change I grades via Albert SIS. Should an I not be changed to a final grade by the established deadline, it will lapse to F, which impacts the GPA.

Blank and No Record (NR) Grades

If a grade is not submitted within 30 days of the end of the semester/term , then an NR will be recorded on the NYU transcript. NR grades can be updated to final grades by the professor via Albert SIS. NR grades count as attempted credits that impact academic progress evaluations used for financial aid eligibility, but do not count toward earned credit or factor into the GPA. Students are not eligible to graduate with NRs on their record, unless a formally documented exception is approved by the academic dean.

Repeated Courses

If a student registers for a course two or more times, this is indicated on the NYU transcript as a repeated course and the GPA and credit amounts will be affected according to the policy of the student’s school of enrollment: 

NYU School Repeat Policies: