Class Withdrawal

Withdrawing from a course means the course remains on the transcript, but the student is awarded a "W" instead of a grade. Students may elect to withdraw from a class following the end of the add/drop period. The withdrawal period is dependent on a number of factors, including term, class session, and in some cases, the meeting dates of the class. Students should consult with their program advisor before requesting a class withdrawal.

Term Withdrawal

When a student withdraws from all courses for any given term, that is considered a term withdrawal.  Students are awarded “W”s for all coursework for that term.  W’s cannot be removed for a student who has completed a term withdrawal.  Students who are approved to term withdraw are not eligible to be on a leave of absence for that same term. 

Total Withdrawal

A total withdrawal signifies that a student intends to stop their studies at the University before completing their program with no intentions to return for a future term. A total withdrawal requested after the drop/add deadline of the term will result in W grades on the transcript. Students who have completed a Total Withdrawal must apply for readmission in order to be reinstated as an active student at New York University.