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The Department of Drama, Undergraduate, offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The program has been designed to include all of the traditional components of conservatory training and theatre study, while taking full advantage of the liberal arts resources of New York University and the cultural resources unique to our location in New York City, the theatre capital of the world. Our students receive their professional training from renowned and respected New York City studios, that are either housed at or affiliated with NYU. Our theatre studies courses are taught by the department’s resident faculty of theatre scholars, historians, theorists, and professionals.

Through this unique combination of professional training, theatre studies, and liberal arts courses at the University’s College of Arts and Science, we provide our students with the skills and background necessary to enter the profession or continue their education at the graduate level. To that end, we seek artistically talented students who are ready to commit to rigorous professional training and an academically challenging curriculum.


New York University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions supports the application process for all undergraduate programs at NYU.  For additional information about undergraduate admissions, including application requirements, see How to Apply


Internships offer valuable hands-on work experience while providing a mentored introduction to the professional workplace. Positions may include theatre administration and production in such venues as not-for-profit theaters, commercial theaters, television, film, arts service organizations, casting/ talent agencies, literary agencies and theater education programs. The THEA-UT 490 Internship course is intended to run parallel to internships and offer career development learning opportunities. This is a unique class in that it meets once a month. Each month, two class times are offered but you are required to attend only one of the two class times offered each month. All homework assignments and class time is intended to offer students support in their current internships and help with next steps in their careers. With assignments like conducting informational interviews, updating resumes, drafting cover letters and reflecting on skills gained through the internship, this course will provide peer problem solving and help students gain valuable best practice skills regarding networking and communication.  Internships are available to students who have successfully completed their Primary Studio training requirement. Credit earned through Internship counts toward the 16-credit Additional Professional Training requirement, or towards the 20-credit Elective requirement. Depending on the number of hours worked, the student can earn from 1 to 12 credits per semester. Each credit requires three hours of commitment per week.


Intended primarily for students contemplating graduate academic work in theatre and allied disciplines, the Honors Program in Theatre Studies, consisting of two 4-credit Honors Seminar courses and one 4-credit Senior Honors Thesis course, gives interested students the opportunity to do pregraduate academic work in theatre studies and to acquire such requisite skills as close reading of primary and secondary sources, library research, oral presentation, and written argumentation. Completion of two Honors Seminars courses with a grade of B+ or better in both is a prerequisite for admission into the Senior Honors Thesis course.

Course Title Credits
Honors Courses
THEA-UT 801Honors Seminar:4
THEA-UT 801Honors Seminar:4
THEA-UT 802Honors Thesis 14

Prerequisite: completion of two Honors Seminars courses with a grade of B+ or better in both. 4 credits.

To complete the Honors Program in Theatre Studies, a student must write a thesis (30-40 pages) under the supervision of a faculty sponsor. This is an individual tutorial course, involving regular meetings with the faculty sponsor, research, and writing according to a schedule established at the outset. If the student receives a B+ or better on the thesis, they are awarded a certificate of Honors recognition by the department.