Tisch School of the Arts is home to hundreds of performance spaces, labs, studios, and rehearsal rooms for artists. Our students engage with state of the art equipment and facilities to constantly create and learn as artists at the forefront of their industries. These facilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Collaborative Arts Art Studio & Equipment Room
  2. Dance studios at 111 Second Avenue
  3. Theatres, Rehearsal Rooms, and Practice Rooms at Tisch Drama
  4. Film and Television's Post Production Center 
  5. The Games Center Library, Labs and Co-working Spaces, and Equipment Office
  6. IMA Equipment Room, Tools Shop, Physical Computing Studio, Hyper Lab, and Media Commons
  7. Darkrooms, Digital Labs & Printers, Library, and Print Finishing at Tisch Photography and Imaging
  8. Studios and Labs in the Clive Davis department of Recorded Music