Cinema Studies (BA)

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Program Description

The undergraduate program in Cinema Studies offers a liberal arts program that focuses on the study of cinema both as an art form and as a form of mass culture. The study of film as art is concerned with the relationships among film style, narrative form, and the material practices that shape the medium. The study of film as mass culture explores the ways in which film serves as an articulator of societal values and as a litmus for processes of social change. While American cinema is studied in depth, the cinemas of Europe, Asia, and South America are also a central component of the curriculum.

Graduates of the program can use their degrees in two ways: as a liberal arts degree akin to English or vocationally as preparation for professional careers. Students in the department are required to either combine their major in cinema studies with a minor in another discipline or double major in a second discipline. Graduates from our department have gone on to successful careers in archival work, teaching, journalism, multimedia, network television, and filmmaking. 


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