Advanced Certificate

Doctoral (PhD)

Dual Degrees

To be admitted to a dual degree program, applicants must carefully review the application requirements of the dual degree program on our website. Applicants must apply and be admitted to each school separately. Applicants should apply for financial aid following the instructions from the school they will be attending for most of the academic year. Unless admitted to a formal dual degree program, New York University students may not pursue two degrees simultaneously at different schools of the University. Detailed information on dual degree program scheduling and structure is available on the MBA Academic Affairs website.

The Stern School of Business offers dual degrees in collaboration with other schools at NYU. See Dual Degrees for more information.

Executive Programs

Interdisciplinary Degree

The Stern School of Business offers the following interdisciplinary degree in collaboration with the Graduate School of Arts and Science:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Science (MS)

Master's Programs with Global Tracks at NYU Shanghai