Quantitative Finance (MS)

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The Master of Science in Quantitative Finance is intended to prepare pre-experience students with strong skills in mathematics, engineering, science, technology, finance and business for the rapidly evolving professional marketplace in the field of finance. It achieves this by leveraging key technical interests and capabilities of successful applicants into the modern financial architecture and its central functions such as trading, market and product design, underwriting and securitization, payments and settlement, derivatives, asset management, risk management, corporate financial management and a range of technical innovations that are evolving in these areas.

A high level of rigor is embedded in the MSQF program. It is targeted toward smart, disciplined and dependable students who have the ability to climb a steep learning curve and a well-developed capability for creative and critical thinking. This is the skill set in demand in the new world of finance, from the biggest and most diverse financial institutions to specialized financial boutiques and end-users such as nonfinancial corporations and asset managers. To succeed, market participants need to know how financial instruments are designed, priced, traded and deployed in a highly competitive and unforgiving market environment.


Applications for the NYU Stern - NYU Shanghai Master of Science in Quantitative Finance are accepted for the Summer start term only.

See MS in Quantitative Finance for admission requirements and instructions specific to this program.