Technology and Entrepreneurship (MBA)

Program Description

Designed for students with a passion for technology, the Andre Koo Tech MBA gives the tools of business to those pursuing careers in the tech industry. A specialized core and elective courses complement built-in immersive opportunities. Students graduate with a focus in technology, through coursework and experiential learning projects that are built into the 52-credit curriculum. The program combines a lock-step core with flexibility choosing electives, running from May to May.

Stern Solutions

Tapping into NYU Stern's location in the heart of the global business ecosystem, Stern Solutions brings students and faculty together with industry leading companies to solve real business challenges in real time. Students in the Andre Koo Tech MBA program will work on projects each semester alongside their core coursework. Projects are required, for credit, and provide students with the opportunity to solve a range of real-world problems at the intersection of tech and business. Projects are conducted in partnership with Tech MBA Advisory Board companies in addition to other top names in tech.

Industry Immersion

Over two weeks in January, students will travel to LA, Seattle and Silicon Valley for a unique opportunity to learn, network, and explore the west coast tech ecosystem. Students will be exposed to a hub for high tech and startup ecosystem. Students will learn in the classroom from expert professors and speakers and in the field through visits to top tech companies.

NYC Immersion

The NYC Immersion is an active, hands-on, experiential introduction to the NYC Tech ecosystem. This course provides a broad context of the various sub-verticals such as NYC-based startups and incubators, traditional tech organizations and Venture Capital firms. Students will be exposed to subject matter experts from industry and academia via skill-based workshops and company engagements. The course culminates with a deep dive into a project with an industry partner. The case will provide students with the opportunity to begin applying their knowledge and skill to solve a real client challenge, interact with the client and provide them with actionable recommendations.

Note: The Andre Koo Tech MBA is a demanding full time program. As such, it is not possible to work full time while enrolled. While students may be able to have some limited part time employment or short duration internships while in the program, class schedules and other required program elements cannot be adjusted to accommodate such activities. The most common form of employment during the program would be working as a Teaching Assistant or Graduate Assistant.


NYU Stern's admissions process is holistic and selective. The Admissions Committee evaluates each candidate’s academic profile, professional achievements and aspirations, and personal characteristics.

Academic Profile: NYU Stern seeks students who will perform well in our academic program. We assess academic potential through the quality of and performance in prior academic program(s), as seen from academic transcripts, and general aptitude as measured by standardized tests (or meeting test waiver requirements).

Professional Achievements and Aspirations: Stern seeks students with a proven track record of success, demonstrated potential for future leadership, and a well-articulated plan to achieve their short- and long-term goals. Professional achievements and aspirations are primarily assessed by a candidate’s essays, résumé, employment history and internships, professional recommendation(s), and interview (by invitation only if required).

Personal Characteristics: NYU Stern values students with both intellectual and interpersonal strengths/ emotional intelligence (IQ + EQ). We seek students who embody Stern's values of mutual support and collaboration and who will be passionate, engaged participants in the Stern community. These personal characteristics are often evidenced in a candidate’s essays, professional recommendations, activities and achievements, and interviews (if required).

Please visit Programs & Admissions for detailed information on the application process.