Global Liberal Studies (BA)

Program Description

Global Liberal Studies (GLS) is an innovative interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree grounded in the spatial, conceptual, and temporal understandings of a highly interconnected world explored through the critical and creative study of texts and their contexts, the movement of ideas and peoples, the confluence of material cultures, cities, crossroads, and changing modes of communication. This framing, drawing on philosophy, history, politics, literature, and the arts helps to uncover the historical legacies in which so many of our current crises are rooted and the dynamic of our shifting social imaginaries and geopolitical realities. It encourages intellectual curiosity and agility, the ability to think critically and expansively, make connections across disciplinary boundaries, embrace new perspectives and transcend barriers and horizons. The GLS major is distinguished by experiential learning, study away, and independent research focused in one of six interdisciplinary concentrations. The junior year includes a semester-long internship or place-based independent study, with most students studying away for the entire year at one of nine NYU academic sites. All seniors complete a thesis, based on original research or creative production, gaining expertise that prepares them for advanced graduate studies, fellowships, or entry into a wide range of international careers, from finance, to global media, to human rights and advocacy.


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