This section is meant to assist students in understanding the difference between “being registered” and “being matriculated,” as those terms are commonly used. The distinction is an important one because many aspects of your student life are affected (e.g., matriculant status affects financial aid, housing, and in some cases, insurance coverage). A student is considered registered when the student has enrolled in classes, and when the student has fulfilled financial obligations to the satisfaction of the Bursar (in most cases, this involves full payment of tuition).

Matriculation means the student:

• has satisfactorily met all Admissions Office requirements for acceptance into a degree or certificate program (that usually includes, but is not limited to, evidence of secondary school graduation and final official transcripts of all college work); and,

• enrolled in course work leading to a degree.

Students are not matriculated until they have met all requirements for admission. In some cases, students are admitted to the School (with the expectation on the part of the Admissions Office that requirements will be met), register, and are not yet matriculated. Students must establish matriculant status immediately upon entering school if accepted as a degree or certificate student. One is considered a full-time student if registered for 12 or more credits in a semester. Note: At NYU, “units”, “points” and “credits” are interchangeable terms.