Game Design (BFA)

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Program Description

The BFA in Game Design is a four-year interdisciplinary degree that teaches the fundamentals of game design, game development, and critical scholarship using a strong study in the liberal arts as a foundation. Students learn about the theory and practice of making games on and off the computer. This includes everything from the history and scholarship of games to the psychology of player experience to the mathematics of game rules. Our graduates will be the game creators, critics, and scholars that will change the industry.

All students start by learning the fundamentals of games through the lenses of design, technology, and culture. As students progress in the program, they have the flexibility to discover and decide for themselves how to focus their studies and creativity. Students often choose to dive into deep exploration of, for example, visual design, animation, music, audio design, programming, game design, writing, storytelling, production management, and business strategy. Students are required to take general education, liberal arts courses outside of the department, and have the freedom to widely explore NYU's departments and colleges. Students finish their program of study with full-year senior projects called Capstones that they complete as individuals or as parts of a group.


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