Refund Policy

Refund Resulting From a Course Withdrawal

If you withdraw from a course or withdraw completely, your registration is subject to the university Refund Schedule policy.

Refund Resulting From Title IV Aid

If the receipt of your TITLE IV aid (Stafford, PLUS, PELL, SEOG, etc.) results in a credit balance, a refund check in your name will automatically be mailed to you. If your account is paid partly by a Parent Plus Loan and results in a credit balance, the check is drawn to the borrower to the extent of the PLUS loan proceeds.

Note: TITLE IV aid can only be credited towards institutional charges. Non-institutional charges such as finance charges, late payment fees, etc. cannot be paid from your TITLE IV aid. This may result in a refund being generated leaving an outstanding balance on your account for which you are responsible.

Students receiving TITLE IV aid who withdraw completely may be billed for remaining NYU account balances resulting from the mandatory return of funds to the U.S. government.

Refund Resulting From Student Aid or Overpayment

If your tuition account has a credit balance because of excess aid or overpayment, you must complete the Refund Application.

Fastest Way to Receive Your Refund

Direct Deposit is the fastest and most secure way to receive your refund. By electing this option, a student’s refund will be directly deposited into their checking account, at the financial institution of choice, which will ultimately be faster than waiting for the check to arrive in the mail.

Fall and Spring Undergraduate Refund Schedule

For details pertaining to Bursar refund schedule, see Refunds.