Nursing Education (MS)

Program Description

The Master of Science with a concentration on nursing education is a 45-credit program that focuses on teaching students to acquire knowledge, competencies, and the right perspective to function as an educator in the 21st-century global environment.


The program includes a strong core foundation that addresses all the essential knowledge and skills in building the education courses. There are 15 credits of specialty courses in education that include an extensive exploration of learning theories, evidence-based teaching strategies, and hands-on experience on using technology to enhance learning.


  • To develop an educator with knowledge, competencies, and the right perspective to teach and lead in the 21st-century global environment.
  • To foster the spirit of creativity, innovation, inquiry, and lifelong learning.
  • To use evidence in teaching and evaluating learning.
  • To develop leadership skills in nursing and education.

MS Specialty Sequences

The College of Nursing offers specialty sequences for graduate students in:

  • Holistic Nursing
  • Palliative Care
  • Substance Use Disorders

See Academic Programs | Master's (MS) for more information.

Practicum Opportunities

The program provides 300 hours of teaching practicum that includes clinical teaching, simulation-based instruction in our state-of-the-art simulation center, and experiential learning in a professional development environment. The student is provided with a well-rounded experience in academic teaching by having the opportunity to co-teach with faculty in the undergraduate courses, collaborate with faculty on scholarly projects, attend faculty meetings and development workshops, and other extra-curricular activities.


Access the application for our MS programs. All applicants to our MS programs are required to submit the following documents at the time of application:

  1. One (1) transcript from each post-secondary school attended. We can review applications with unofficial transcripts. Admitted students will be asked to submit official transcripts prior to beginning coursework at NYU Meyers.
  2. Resume.
  3. A two- to three-page personal statement.
  4. At least two (2) letters of recommendation.
  5. RN license and registration certificate. You may submit an application with an out-of-state license, but admitted students must obtain a New York State RN license prior to beginning coursework at NYU Meyers.

Applicants who have attended a post-secondary institution outside of the United States are required to upload one (1) transcript from each post-secondary school attended and submit one (1) official course-by-course evaluation of each foreign transcript directly to our office at the time of application. Your application will not be reviewed without these documents. Please mail your official course-by-course evaluation(s) to:

NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing
Office of Student Affairs and Admissions
433 First Avenue, LL1
New York, NY 10010

For applicants whose native language is not English, a copy of your latest TOEFL or IELTS score is required. Admitted students will be asked to submit official test scores prior to beginning coursework at NYU Meyers. We require a minimum TOEFL internet-based score of 100 and an IELTS Band score of 7.