Choosing courses is not simply about deciding what classes to take; it is about preparing yourself for a life in the law. You are doing more than filling a schedule. You are managing your career.

JD Students

Think about the structure and progression of your curriculum as you move through your law school experience. Consider:

  • The type of academic experiences you would like to have in law school
  • Whether you would like to specialize in a particular area of the law. You can also consider JD Dual Degree Programs, LLM in Taxation, and JD/MBA Program.
  • What kind of skills you wish to develop through your coursework
  • Completing your degree requirements in a timely fashion.

Once you have completed the first-year curriculum, it is up to you to design a coherent plan of study that makes the most of what New York University School of Law offers and is tailored to your developing interests and career plans. Although you do not have to determine every course you will take in your final two years, you may want to consider the objectives of your legal education each semester you plan a schedule of classes.

In addition to courses that are formally required for graduation, there are certain classes that are regarded as highly beneficial to all law students, such as Corporations, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, and Income Taxation. These and other core courses provide an overview of the issues involved in several fields and the background necessary for more advanced work.

You should also consider choosing classes that help you polish your legal skills. All colloquia and seminars require legal theory and writing, for instance; many courses outside the Clinical Program offer practice in advocacy and negotiation; and several courses provide the opportunity to engage in statutory interpretation.

International students should review all information received from the Office of Global Services. You are expected to register with that office upon arrival.

LLM and JSD Students

As a graduate student, you must work with your faculty director to ensure that you are completing the course requirements for your specific degree program. Plan carefully to maximize the elective courses that are available to you in your program.