Library Facilities

Access: Using the Law Library

Visitor Information

At this time, access to the NYU Law Library is available only for NYU law students, faculty and staff with a valid NYU ID (subject to the exceptions listed below). Sponsored guests to NYU Law buildings and facilities are not guaranteed access to the NYU Law Library. In addition to sponsorship, sponsors must contact the NYU Law Library Access Office in order to obtain a Visitor’s Pass to the Library. (See Sponsored Guests of NYU Law Students, Faculty or Staff below). At this time, we cannot accommodate walk-in visitors. 

Please email lawlib-access@nyu.edu with questions about access to the NYU Law Library. Please allow 24 hours for a response to your inquiry.

Columbia & Fordham Law School Students

As a part of our reciprocal access arrangement, current Columbia Law and Fordham Law School students can access the law library for study and/or research during non-restricted periods after completing the following steps:

  1. Email lawlib-access@nyu.edu 
    • include a photo of your current law school ID
    • state how long you would like to access the library (no access during reading and finals periods).
  2. Wait 1-2 business days for an email that will include your Visitor’s Pass to the Library, as well as information on how to access NYU’s guest wifi
  3. Show the access pass to ID desk personnel in order to gain entry to the Law Library

NOTE: Visitor’s Passes to the Library granted under this reciprocal agreement are issued on a semester basis and must be renewed each semester.

NYU Non-Law Students

Current NYU students (non-law) may use the Law Library for course-related legal research. There is however, no general-purpose access to the Law Library not related to course-related legal research.

  • If you (an NYU student) need to use Law Library resources for your NYU classwork, please fill out this form
  • Non-law NYU Students requiring long-term access (more than 3 days) should provide a letter from a faculty member indicating the name of the course and the type of library material needed. If you have questions, please email lawlib-access@nyu.edu.

Sponsored Guests of NYU Law Students, Faculty or Staff

The University requires that a student, faculty or a staff member sponsor visitors to NYU Law School. Follow the University’s sponsorship instructions. After that process is complete, NYU law sponsors should email lawlib-access@nyu.edu to request a Visitor’s Pass to the Library. In that email, please provide your NYU Law School affiliation, the name of your visitor, and the length of visit requested. If your guest requires Wi-Fi access please read this page for more information.

NYU Law Alumni

NYU Law School alumni wishing to access the Law Library should contact the NYU Law Alumni Office to request visitor sponsorship. The Alumni Office will coordinate access to the Library on your behalf. 

Visitors to the Government Documents Collection (FDLP)

Visitors to the Government Documents Collection must be sponsored by library staff before a visit. To begin the process, please email lawlib-access@nyu.edu. Please reach out to us to at least 3 business days in advance of your visit. Please consult the library catalog to ensure that the documents you are interested in are currently in the collection. Be sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID on the day of your confirmed visit. To learn also about online government materials, please see our guide.

Access for members of the public are governed by NYU University policies.

METRO Referral Card

A Metropolitan New York Library Council referral card allows an individual a one-time-only visit to a member library to use a specified item. NYU Law Library will honor those cards. METRO Card users should make arrangements one week in advance of their visit by sending an email (include photo of your metro card) to lawlib-access@nyu.edu.

OCLC Shares Members Students and Faculty

Faculty, students and professional staff at SHARES member institutions outside the New York metropolitan region are allowed access for extended periods. A librarian from your home institution should send an email to: lawlib-access@nyu.edu at least one week before your visit to make arrangements.

Tri-state Area Law Students

NYC-area law students who need access to an item not available at their institutional library can apply for a single-day pass to access the item. From your law school account, please email lawlib-access@nyu.edu, and provide the title of the material you wish to use and the preferred date of your visit. Please allow 2 business days to process your request.

Bar Study Guest Passes

NYU Law School graduates (summer immediately following graduation only) are welcome to use the Law Library to study for the July bar exam. This privilege is for the graduate only and does not extend to guests of the graduate. Graduates of other law schools may purchase a pass for $100. Email lawlib-access@nyu.edu to set up an in-person appointment to purchase a pass (cash or check only). Passes are valid from June 1 to July 31 and go on sale the last week of May. Students should bring their Law School ID and proof of registration for the July bar exam.

General Public

Access to the public is restricted and is governed by NYU University policies. The NYU Law Library is generally not open to the public at this time, please visit the NY Courts website to find a publicly accessible law library near you.

Periods of Restricted Access

Notwithstanding the access guidelines outlined above, during exam periods (and for several weeks before) library access is restricted to NYU Law students, faculty and staff, with the following exceptions:

  1. NYU non-law students (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm only)
  2. NYU Law Alumni
  3. Metro Referral Passes (one day passes only)
  4. OCLC Shares Members
  5. Government Document patrons

The following categories of guests will not be permitted access during periods of restricted access:

  1. Tri-state areas law students ( including Columbia & Fordham law students)
  2. Guests of NYU law students