Cost of Attendance

Student Expense Budget

This budget governs the total amount of aid (loans or a combination of grants and loans) that is available to a student in any given year. Students may not borrow in excess of the approved budget. Each year the budget is adjusted to reflect changes in costs and expenses. This budget is estimated and subject to modification.

2024-25 Estimated Federal Student Expense Budget - TBA

2024-25 information will be updated in Summer 2025 

2023-24 Estimated Federal Student Expense Budget

Estimated Expense Budget  

Estimated Expense Budget Amount
Tuition $76,878
Health, Registration, Service, and Tech Fees $3,136
Housing and Meals $26,800
Books and Supplies $1,500
Health Insurance (basic) $4,346
Misc. $1,144
Loan Fees $220
TOTAL $114,024

Note for International Students:

In addition to the standard educational expenses associated with the NYU Law School cost of attendance, international students should expect added financial obligations related to relocation and transition to studying in the U.S. (i.e., VISA fees, SEVIS, international travel, settling in, etc.). For your reference, we have included a list of some of the estimated fees incurred by a typical NYU international student:

  • Estimated U.S. Visa Application Fee: $185
  • Estimated SEVIS Fee: $220-$350
  • Estimated NYU Global Services Fee: $90-$100 per semester
  • 1Estimated Early Arrival Health Insurance Fee: $230-$400
  • 1Estimated Early Arrival Daily Housing Rate: $58-$120

Estimated expenses associated with international students’ early arrival. Students should include these in their budget unless they receive a waiver of mandatory introductory summer classes or provide evidence of alternative health insurance coverage.  

In addition to the above fees, expenses for international travel and costs associated with settling into a new residence in a foreign country can vary widely depending upon individual circumstances. International students should expect that they will need to cover such additional expenses [not included in the standard Student Expense Budget] of at least $1,500 to $5,000.


Transcript Request

Requests for Student Records may be obtained by completing the Student Record Request form. To request a Transcript please use the "Secure PDF Electronic Transcript" link, listed below, whichoffers a no-fee paper option via the National Student Clearing House.

Requests for official transcripts require the authorization of the student or alumni requesting the transcript.

New York University issues transcripts in two formats:

  • Signed & sealed paper transcript (no fee) - Please note this option is currently unavailable; Please use the "Secure PDF Electronic Transcript link, listed directly below, which also offers a no-fee paper option via the National Student Clearing House
  • Secure PDF electronic transcript ($3.25 processing fee)

Instructions for Students who Attended After 2001 and Have a Valid NetID

If you attended NYU after 2001 and are able to access NYUHome/Albert, you can request an official paper or electronic transcript from the Albert Student Center. The Request official transcript link can be found under the My Academics section of Albert Student Center.

Link to Request Official Transcripts

Tip: Before you complete your request, check to ensure that all your grades have been posted. If you are a recent graduate, also check to ensure that your degree has been posted. You can view all posted grades and ensure that your degree has been recorded by viewing your unofficial transcript.

Instructions for Students who Attended Before 2001, are Unable to Access NYUHome/Albert or do not Have a NetID

A transcript may be requested in writing by either completing the form available in the Records Office, by faxing a signed letter to (212) 995-4523, or by email to Records and Registration with a pdf attachment including the information below. You may also send a signed letter to:

Office of Records and Registration
245 Sullivan Street, Ste. 400
New York, NY 10012

You must include all of the following information:

  1. Social Security or Student ID Number
  2. Current Name and any name under which you attended NYU
  3. Current Address
  4. Date of Birth
  5. School of the University attended and for which you are requesting the transcript
  6. Dates of Attendance
  7. Date of Graduation
  8. Full Name & Address of the person or institution to which the transcript is to be sent

Electronic Transcripts

Students and Alumni now have the option of requesting Official Electronic Transcripts. E-transcripts are available for current students on Albert and directly from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)

Emergency Transcripts

If you are in need of a transcript immediately, the StudentLink Center, located at 383 Lafayette Street, 1st floor, can process emergency transcripts. Only 3 transcripts will be granted per student.

Unofficial Transcripts

Students who have access to NYUHome/Albert are able to download Unofficial Transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are available at the NYU site by using your netID and password. Generally, a netID is discontinued if not used after a month's time for security purposes which you can reactivate online. You can learn your netID assigned to you by using your University ID (begins with "N") and date of birth through the NYU home page or by submitting a formal signed request to the address above or to Records and Registration. For more information regarding netIDs and passwords, please visit the NYU NetID page.


Transcripts cannot be produced for anyone whose record has been put on hold for an outstanding University obligation.

Plan Ahead

Make your transcript requests early and be sure to follow the instructions on this page.

Additional Information