Transportation Management (MS)

Program Description

Systems of transportation are changing rapidly in conjunction with and as a response to evolving technology; shifting human mobility patterns; increasing efforts to build toward equity, sustainability, and resilience; and the popularization of new methods of transit, like the advent of ridesharing and the spread of micromobility modes such as e-scooters and bikeshares.

The Tandon School of Engineering's MS in Transportation Management takes an adaptive, whole-system approach to transit which considers the logistical transportation problems of mobility in increasingly smart cities through an integrated lens. 

Located in a city with one of the world’s most complex transit systems, our campus is a gateway to an ideal laboratory for those wishing to study the discipline. Courses like Intelligent Cities: Technology Policy and Planning explore the landscape of technologies being used in urban planning and policymaking today. Together, our students and faculty focus on the fundamentals of management and the economics at play for public and private sector agencies as they interact with local, state, and national policies affect residents and businesses. Students will be exposed to concepts from a host of fields and specialties, included but not limited to data and predictive analytics, smart transportation and smart cities, urban planning and public policy, and technological innovation, and leave prepared to help build the future of transportation.


Admission to graduate programs in the Tandon School of Engineering requires the following minimum components:

  • Résumé/CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • Proficiency in English

The NYU Tandon Graduate Admissions website has additional information on school-wide admission.

Some programs may require additional components for admissions.

See the program's How to Apply for department-specific admission requirements and instructions.


To be eligible for admission to the School of Engineering's MS in Transportation Management program, you must hold at least a baccalaureate degree from an acceptable institution. You must also show evidence of quantitative analytic ability, generally including a minimum of 2 years of college mathematics. A college-level course in statistics is desirable.

If admitted, students lacking such skills must take remedial courses in addition to degree requirements to strengthen their analytic competency.