Student Services


To receive academic credit, students are required to register, or enroll, for every course, or class, they wish to take each semester. Class attendance or participation without registration is not permitted. During the registration period, students register for courses on Albert.

Advisement for Registration

Each academic department has faculty or staff assigned to advise students. Before registration, students should meet with their academic adviser and receive approval for their intended courses. Students may obtain a list of advisers and their contact information from their academic department.

To ensure that newly admitted students discuss their courses with their academic adviser, an “Adviser Clearance" hold (XAC) is placed on their record on Albert. The academic adviser will remove this hold following the discussion, allowing the student to proceed to enroll in courses. Approval to register for a course does not necessarily constitute approval to substitute that course for another course to satisfy a specific degree requirement. For example, approval to register for a guided readings course is not necessarily approval to substitute that course for another similar course prescribed in the curriculum. If a course is not normally used to meet a certain requirement, students should explicitly request such approval from their adviser. The adviser may approve or deny such requests at their discretion.

The Registration Period

Students can add and drop courses throughout the registration period, up until published deadlines. Registration dates and deadlines for each semester are published on the NYU Academic Calendar and the Tandon Academic Calendar. A course dropped after the third week of classes is considered a withdrawal. Withdrawn courses will remain on the student’s transcript with a grade of “W” (which has no GPA penalty). If a student drops or withdraws from a course, tuition and other student charges are adjusted according to the Refund/Tuition Liability schedule.