Computer Science Tandon (MS)

Computer Science and Engineering Department

Program Description

We offer a highly adaptive MS in Computer Science program that lets students shape the degree around their interests. Besides our core curriculum in the fundamentals of computer science, students have a wealth of electives to choose from. Students can tailor their degree to their professional goals and interests in areas such as cybersecurity, data science, information visualization, machine learning and AI, graphics, game engineering, responsible computing, algorithms, and web search technology.

Job opportunities in computer science are challenging and diverse, and we expect to see steady demand for highly qualified graduates at all levels. Our graduates are prepared to explore careers in areas such as applications programming, big data, software engineering, game design and programming, peer-to-peer networks, computer vision and imaging, machine learning and AI, urban computing, and interactive data visualization.

With our MS program in Computer Science, students will have significant curriculum flexibility, allowing them to adapt their program to their ambitions and goals as well as to their educational and professional background. Students will gain a solid grounding in the fundamentals of computer science, along with access to professional-level courses, and an opportunity to specialize in subareas of their choice. 


To apply for admission to any Tandon graduate program, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Required Background Knowledge

Admission to this program requires applicants to have an undergraduate degree in computer science, mathematics, science, or engineering, with a superior undergraduate record from an accredited institution. Applicants with degrees in other fields may also be considered for admission.

Additional Entrance Requirements

  • At least 1 year of university-level science.
  • A working knowledge of a high-level, general-purpose programming language (preferably C++).
  • A basic understanding of computer fundamentals such as computer organization and operation, data structures, and computer architecture.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate in written and spoken English is required for regular status. Foreign students and others for whom English is a second language may be required to undertake preparatory work to improve their language skills.

Students entering with a bachelor’s in computer science or with a bachelor’s in a technical area and a strong minor in computer science should be able to satisfy entrance requirements for the master’s degree program. Generally, entering students are expected to know mathematics through calculus.

 A maximum of 9 credits from previous graduate work at an accredited institution may be transferred to the MS degree.

Students with an undergraduate background in a field outside of computer science or a related area of study are encouraged to enroll into the preparatory NYU Tandon Bridge program. Upon successfully completing the Bridge program, students could then be considered for admission to the master's.

GRE Requirements

Applicants who satisfy one of the following conditions are not required but encouraged to submit a GRE score:

  1. MS Applicants without a Computer Science or similar background who successfully complete the NYU Tandon Bridge.
  2. Applicant completes 9 credits under Visiting Student Registration from an approved list of CSE courses and maintains an average grade of B+ or better.
  3. Applicant has a BA or BS degree in computer science or computer engineering from NYU, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.