Biomedical Engineering (PhD)

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Program Description

The primary goal of the PhD in Biomedical Engineering (BME) is to provide students with an indepth, advanced education that will give them the tools needed to perform fundamental and applied independent research in biomedical engineering. In addition, students will gain the requisite technical knowledge that they may wish to apply to management, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurial activities related to biomedical engineering.

The PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering is awarded to a student upon successful completion of 75 credits and the defense of a comprehensive dissertation research project. The credits are broken down as minimums of 27 course credits – 12 core courses plus 15 electives – and 27 doctoral dissertation research credits, with flexible choices in coursework and/or research for the remaining credits. A maximum of 30 course credits may be transferred from previous graduate course work. Doctoral dissertation credits can only be taken upon passing the qualifying exam. Students should be able to complete the doctoral program within four to six years.


A BS degree in biomedical engineering or a related field of science or engineering is generally required for admission to the BME PhD program. Applicants with degrees in other fields or from other colleges may be admitted with undergraduate or graduate deficiencies as evaluated by the Graduate Admissions Committee. Students entering at the BME PhD program with an MS degree are expected to have an MS degree in biomedical engineering or a related field of science, medicine, or engineering.  In addition to the degree requirement, acceptance to the program will depend on (1) academic excellence, (2) research interests congruent with those of program faculty, and (3) positive recommendations (e.g., from former research advisors). GRE scores are optional. Admissions committee members or faculty members whose research interests match those of the candidate, either in person or by a conference call, will interview viable candidates. Enrollment in the NYU Global Fellows program is available to those who choose a research advisor at the NYU Abu Dhabi campus.