Dentistry (DDS)

Program Description

The Doctorate in Dental Surgery is a four year program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. As such, this rigorous educational program, comprised of didactic theory and clinical instruction, is designed sequentially from foundational knowledge through the clinical application of care in preparation for licensure and admission to the profession of dentistry.

The program begins with a rich array of basic sciences and pre-clinical laboratory coursework; the curriculum is constructed to ensure that the courses complement each other to aid the student in synthesizing information simulating the manner in which a practitioner assesses each individual patient’s needs and desires and in preparation for the Integrated National Board
Dental Examination, a requirement for graduation from NYU Dentistry.

From the D1 year, students engage in patient care through direct observation in the diagnostic services in general dentistry and the specialty clinics. As students matriculate through the program, their experience and responsibilities in patient care increase through a series of milestone achievements culminating with becoming the primary care provider in the D4 year.

Academic and clinical progress is assessed throughout each stage of the program; students evaluate their growth and development through self-reflection, peer assessment and both formative and summative assessments in all courses, leading to a Global Assessment of competency certifying them for graduation.

Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists

NYU College of Dentistry offers Advanced Standing into the DDS program for the internationally trained dentist who seeks to practice dentistry in the United States. Students admitted with advanced placement enter a 28-month, full-time program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). With its culmination in the DDS degree, the graduating dentist has met the educational requirement for licensure. Please submit your application through ADEA CAAPID.


While this is not an NYU Dentistry Admissions requirement, licensure in New York State requires 6 years of education (1-year pre-professional, 5-year professional), prior to the Advanced Standing program. For more information, see NYSED.

Requirements for licensure may vary in other states.


For information on admission to the DDS program for either the Four-Year or Advanced Standing Program, see DDS Program Admission Requirements.