Clinical Research (MS)

Program Description

The Department of Epidemiology and Health Promotion at the NYU College of Dentistry offers a one-year, 30-credit MS degree in Clinical Research. The program can be taken part-time over a two-year period. Applicants must possess a minimum of a BA or BS degree, or equivalent. The MS degree combines a unique classroom experience in learning with 24 credits dedicated to the fundamentals of the design and conduct of clinical research and clinical trials in human subjects, with a practicum of 6 credits comprising of seminars, IRB attendance, clinical trail observation, preparation for ACRP certifications, and a 20-hour rotation at a Langone Health location. 

The MS program in Clinical Research is designed to produce competent clinical researchers through a unique educational experience consisting of clinical research methodology, epidemiology and biostatistics, ethical and regulatory principles, and evidence-based healthcare. Students enrolled in the MS program come from varied backgrounds from across the US and the world, including individuals interested in the health sciences and healthcare related careers, pharmaceutical industry employees, academics, PhDs in various science fields, and foreign and US trained dentists and physicians interested in becoming Principal Investigators on their own research projects. Graduates of the MS program in Clinical Research have obtained positions in academia, industry, and government institutions or have pursued professional degrees in medicine, dentistry, and public health. 


See Master's Degree Programs for admission requirements and instructions specific to this program.