History of Art and Archaeology (PhD)

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Program Description

The Institute of Fine Arts is dedicated to graduate teaching and advanced research in the history of art and archeology and in the conservation and technology of works of art. The Institute strives to give its students not only a sound knowledge in the history of art, but also a foundation in research, connoisseurship, and theory as a basis for independent critical judgment and research. The student following the PhD course of study gains a deeper understanding of a subject area, beyond what is normally acquired at the master’s level and develops a capacity for independent scholarship.

The PhD Program at the Institute of Fine Arts is a course of study designed for the person who wants to investigate the role of the visual arts in culture through detailed, object-based examination as well as historical and theoretical interpretation. The degree program provides a focused and rigorous experience supported by interaction with the leading scholars of the Institute, and access to New York area museums, curators, conservators, archaeological sites and NYU’s global network.

Archaeological Excavations

At present the Institute conducts five active excavations in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts and Science: at Abydos, Egypt; at Aphrodisias, Turkey; at Sanam, Sudan; at Selinunte, Sicily; and at Samothrace, Greece. Advanced students are invited to participate in these excavations and may be supported financially by the Institute.


All applicants to the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) are required to submit the general application requirements, which include:

See Fine Arts for admission requirements and instructions specific to this program.