Student Services


Continuous Registration

GSAS requires continuous enrollment of its students each fall and spring semester until the degree sought is granted. This can be accomplished by:

  1. registering for at least 1 point (or fraction thereof) each fall and spring until the degree is conferred;
  2. taking an approved leave of absence, except in the semester of graduation; or
  3. registering for MAINT-GA 4747 Maintain Matriculation during all fall and spring semesters when no course work is being taken until the degree is conferred.

Maintaining Matriculation by Fee

Students who have completed their course work may register for MAINT-GA 4747 Maintain Matriculation and pay the matriculation fee (in 2023-2024, $549 per semester) and the registration and services/academic support fees (in 2023-2024, approximately $579 for U.S. students and $669 for international students per semester) through the semester of their graduation. Payment of the fees entitles students to use the libraries and other research facilities, consult faculty members, and participate in University activities. Waivers of the maintenance of matriculation and registration and services/academic support fees may be available for enrolled doctoral students funded through the MacCracken Program during the term of the award and for four semesters immediately after the award term. A waiver of maintenance of matriculation fees may also be available for students whose graduate program requires a period of  absence from the campus for fieldwork or who have a well-documented and extreme financial hardship as a result of events beyond a student’s control. For complete rules governing waivers of maintenance of matriculation, refer to the GSAS Policies and Procedures Manual.

Health Insurance

For students who do not have their own health insurance, participation in a University health insurance plan is mandatory. Students must provide proof of coverage to be exempt from participation in a University health insurance plan. For complete information regarding the deadlines for participation and exemption as well as detailed information about the health plans available, call 212-443-1020 or see Student Health Insurance.

Leave of Absence

A student who is obliged to withdraw temporarily for national service, serious illness, or compelling personal reasons may request a leave of absence. If granted, the leave maintains the student’s place in the Graduate School and assures continued enrollment at the end of the period of the leave. Students on leave do not have access to University, GSAS, or department facilities. For complete rules governing leaves of absence, refer to the GSAS Policies and Procedures Manual.