Computing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MS)

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The MS-CEI program is a Master's degree in Computing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, combining computer science courses from the Courant Institute (Graduate School of Arts and Science) and business courses from the Stern School of Business.

Located in the heart of one of the world's most inspiring and influential cities, NYU's MS-CEI is a great environment to turn ideas into business realities. Designed to train future generations of technology entrepreneurs in the fundamentals of computer science and entrepreneurship, this one and a half year immersive program aims to help meet the changing technological challenges of today and motivate students to reshape their thinking for tomorrow.

Specifically, the MS-CEI is designed for computer science students and technology professionals interested in pursuing entrepreneurship or assuming leadership roles in innovative technology based organizations. By providing strong fundamentals in rigorous computer science applications, systems engineering and entrepreneurship the MS-CEI program will train students to become the next CTOs and CEOs of high-tech startups. Throughout the program students will go through various stages of technological entrepreneurship including problem conceptualization, idea incubation, product development, pilot deployment and effectiveness evaluation towards nurturing them to pursue their concepts into realities.

MS-CEI students will take business courses alongside MBA students, as well as draw the same courses as Courant Computer Science graduate programs (MS-CS & MS-DS), providing a unique opportunity of combining outstanding technical preparation with business sense. Students will develop their startup ideas through the program's core courses, specifically designed for it: from the ideation phase in Design & Innovation, to persevering or pivoting in Lean Launchpad, to building it in the Entrepreneurship Capstone. Beyond the program itself, NYU gives students the possibility of leveraging some of the top resources for entrepreneurs in the world such as the Leslie eLab , or Stern's 300k challenge.

This program is a great fit for students who wish to become software engineers (with well rounded skills), product designers, product managers, program managers and technical leads in organizations. While the program inculcates the key attributes of entrepreneurship, not every student in the program may launch a startup from the program. In fact, many students in the program have developed a combination of strong technical skills combined with strong design and entrepreneurship thinking which make them pursue a broad spectrum of jobs in the industry across both well established companies and startups.


All applicants to the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) are required to submit the general application requirements, which include:

See Computer Science for admission requirements and instructions specific to this program