Global China Studies (BA)

Program Description

China is once again a major force in the world. Beyond the scope of conventional area studies, the innovative interdisciplinary major in Global China Studies allows students to cultivate up-to-date knowledge and critical skills about China. It aims at deepening their understanding of China’s interactions with the wider world as well as comprehending the trends within China, at individual, societal, state, and global levels, and in the context of socio-economic, religious, cultural, and political transformations.

The Global China Studies major offers two options. Students may opt to take the track that requires an extensive study of China in a global setting through the completion of an interdisciplinary curriculum without the need for additional Chinese language courses. They could also choose the advanced track option, which trains students to acquire a higher level of Chinese proficiency in addition to developing focused research skills needed for postgraduate professional and academic pursuits. In either case, majors in Global China Studies will graduate with the capacity to become qualified practitioners and thinkers of a changing China in the world.


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