Economics (Minor)

Program Description

The field of Economics studies the creation and distribution of value by people, organizations, and whole societies. It involves understanding the subtle interplay between these two processes of creation and distribution, as they are affected by factors such as the competitive and cooperative aspects of behavior by the participants in an economic system, by institutional arrangements, by government policies, and by normative considerations such as fairness and ethicality.

The study of Economics at NYU Shanghai will enhance your fundamental analytical and quantitative skills. The curriculum strives not only to provide a cutting-edge undergraduate education for students interested in Economics but also to provide the toolkit needed to pursue a wide variety of careers in both the private and public sectors. These careers include business, consulting and research positions, law, and policy making. Students who wish to attend graduate school in Economics can augment the requirements of the Economics major with additional courses in mathematics and other areas. The Economics Student Mentor Program offers further support for our students in doing research, in the form of independent studies or under the auspices of the NYU Shanghai Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund.