Information Systems Management (STEM) (BS)

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The field of information technology is growing and evolving faster than ever before. With all of the changes occurring, new career options abound for those who are already in the tech industry, as well as those just starting out. Earning the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management offers the opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop skills that can be used anywhere in the world. Like many MIS degrees that are offered, this STEM-designated degree will teach you how to design, operate, and evaluate competitive technology options to meet an organization’s needs. You also will delve deep into management information systems, database design, systems analysis, network architecture and administration, while acquiring the NYU degree that will make your resume stand out!

The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management provides students who wish to pursue or to advance their career in information systems with the expertise necessary for the successful deployment of new technologies. Courses are taught by faculty members who are practitioners, ensuring that course content remains current with industry standards. The flexibility and adaptability of this program make it well-suited for individuals who are interested in launching a career in the information systems field, as well as those who have worked in information systems for many years.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management is grounded in the liberal arts, enabling students to master the skills in critical thinking, analysis, and communication that they need to successfully address complex challenges in their work.

New! Online Degree Completion Option
This entire degree can now be completed online. Be sure to specify when you apply.

Study On-site in the Heart of New York City, Enjoying Cultural Activities and Building Your Network.


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