Cost of Attendance

2024-2025 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Category On/Off Campus Student Commuter Student
Tuition $60,438 $60,438
Food and Housing $24,102 $7,366
Estimated Total Direct Costs $84,540 $67,804
Books and Supplies $1,494 $1,494
Transportation $1,154 $0
Personal Expenses $3,034 $3,034
Estimated Total Indirect Costs $5,682 $4,528
Total $90,222 $72,332

Explanation of Costs

Borrowing and Loans

Knowing how much it will cost to attend New York University is important, but so is borrowing only as much as you absolutely need. The costs listed above are suggestions based on our estimate of what it costs to attend New York University. We encourage you to examine your specific expenses and resources to decide how much to borrow or finance. If you take out a federal loan, a mandatory federal loan fee should be included in your cost of attendance budget.

Food and Housing

The actual cost of your food and housing depends on several factors, including whether you live on or off campus.  Some important things to keep in mind as you budget for food and housing:

  • New York University offers a range of food and housing plans. The figures above represent a student living in a double-occupancy room and three meals per day.
  • Housing includes local telephone service, wi-fi access, and cable television in your residence hall room.
  • Our on-campus standard rate is meant to also represent the food and housing cost for off-campus housing. Often the costs are similar.
  • Off-campus housing in New York City varies depending on housing options, location, number of roommates, amenities, and more.
  • Students who live off-campus can still purchase meal plans.

Books and Supplies

The amount listed for books and supplies includes computer costs.

Transportation and Personal Costs

The amounts listed for transportation and personal costs will vary by student. We estimated the cost of transportation equaling one round-trip travel home during the academic year and local transportation within New York City (i.e. the cost of a monthly unlimited metrocard). Personal costs include miscellaneous expenses like toiletries and other basic essentials a student will need.

Additional Information