Applied Data Analytics and Visualization (STEM) (BS)

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Program Description

With the proliferation of highly sophisticated software applications and the staggering amounts of information available on the Internet, organizations, government agencies, and corporations around the globe have access to seemingly limitless amounts of data. To take advantage of this plethora of new intelligence, these entities must hire professionals possessing broad-based skills in information systems, quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, and mastery of data visualization software to uncover the relevant and critical insights that will position them for success.

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Data Analytics and Visualization imparts this knowledge, preparing students to aggregate large data sets and transform them—through analysis and visualization—into critical information required by decision-makers in industries as varying as healthcare, education, business, and science, among others. Graduates of this program will be prepared to pursue a broad array of employment opportunities in this growing and evolving field, including those within corporations, service industries, government agencies, political organizations, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations, marketing and advertising agencies, and media companies.


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