Advanced Writing Studio (AWS-UF)

AWS-UF 201  Advanced Writing Studio  (4 Credits)  
Typically offered occasionally  
This course involves advanced study and practice of writing and is intended for those who wish to develop their writing and who seek to explore and utilize writing as an important aspect of inquiry. Typically, the course will involve: 1) the study and practice of one mode or genre of writing (e.g., the screenplay, the poem, the personal essay, literary journalism, the academic essay, short fiction, the book or movie review, etc.-- the number of genres or modes that students may practice in a single course will be at the instructor's discretion.), and 2) the study and practice of interpretive or reflexive prose that analyzes, synthesizes and reflectively engages with the mode or genre under consideration.. The class will incorporate the study of several traditions in which the particular mode or genre is practiced and studied globally. All classes will involve the student in some form of collaboration (group presentations, team-teaching a text, interviewing same subject, co-authoring, etc.), and will also include some treatment of how writing in the mode under consideration and its analysis is transferable to other kinds of writing practices.
Grading: FAS Graded  
Repeatable for additional credit: Yes