Technology, Management and Design (Minor)

Program Description

As Design Thinking is ubiquitous throughout the technology landscape regardless of industry, company structure, location and size, the TMD minor’s course offerings provide a contemporary, useful and applicable set of technology management tools and inculcates a design-thinking mindset. The TMD minor provides a multi-disciplinary complement, not only for STEM, but for many other disciplines taught at NYU.

TMD prepares students for the professional dual ladder model of “engineering and management” - ascending career positions through the dual rungs of technological prowess+skills, and managerial expertise. As such, TMD “graduates” will be prepared to climb the career ladders facing them and be poised for successes in diverse professional environments. With companies’ increasing demand for creative, innovative and collaborative employees, students taking the TMD minor will have the opportunity to develop key skills for their future career: collaboration skills, project experience and a portfolio of innovative techniques. Career prospects range across industries such as technology, finance, healthcare, public service and others.

The TMD Minor is open to all NYU students including students in the Tandon SOE BTM1 major.


BTM refers to the Tandon SOE TMI Department’s BSc in Business and Technology Management major.


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