Business and Technology Management (BS)

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Program Description

BTM is oriented toward current and future arenas where high growth occurs. The program assumes that modern business leaders must be deeply familiar with technology and innovation. Those who have such knowledge are likely to have a distinct advantage and prosperous and satisfying careers. When appropriate, these leaders also can leverage entrepreneurship in diverse venues. The BTM Program prepares students to become such leaders.

BTM also provides students with relevant professional management education and effective approaches related to technology, innovation and information management and entrepreneurship. In other words, BTM creatively fuses modern business administration with state-of-the-art technology management.

The BTM Program is STEM based which offers rigorous training in the qualitative, quantitative and innovative aspects of technology and innovation management. All courses nurture a broad managerial background along with specific application of ideas and practices relevant to the world of technologically innovative goods and services.

The art and science of management also demand that practitioners communicate ideas effectively. Therefore, as central components of the BTM learning experience the program emphasizes spoken and written presentations in individual, team, classroom and field internship settings.

Students completing BTM are prepared to succeed in a variety of positions-such as technology project leaders, technology entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, technology and IT analysts for various organizations, consultants in professional-services firms, marketing and business-unit managers for new products and services, and a variety of other exciting roles. BTM graduates work in large and small companies and they excel at jobs that require a cross-functional understanding of both technology and the motivational, financial, innovative and international challenges that need to be met for innovation to succeed. BTM students are also well prepared for advanced professional studies in management, such as in a MS in Management of Technology (MOT), or an MBA program, as well as more scholarly and research oriented programs, such as PhD studies.


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