Students must be properly registered in order to attend classes and clinics. Students register according to college guidelines and schedules using ALBERT. Students can direct any questions to the Student Retention and Academic Advising Administrator. Students are advised to check the NYU College of Dentistry Dental Hygiene Academic Calendar for specific dates pertaining to registration within the academic year. Any required courses taken outside of NYU College of Dentistry are subject to the registration guidelines set forth by the specific college. 

After the student has been accepted and paid their deposit, the registration process can begin. The student’s assigned student group indicates the fee schedule for instruments and other fees. Students must meet with the Student Retention and Academic Advising Administrator to ensure proper course selection and program progress. All prerequisite course requirements must be met and the student must remain in good academic standing to progress. 

The student must ensure that registration has been confirmed for the exact section of the course as the grade will only be posted to the course in which the student registers. A student who does not attend the proper section of the course may receive a failure for the course.

Financial/Health Compliance Before Registration

Financial and health compliance must be met in order to progress through registration from semester to semester and to avoid de-enrollment. Arrears or medical blocks will prevent the student from registering for the ensuing semester.

It is the responsibility of the student to remain compliant with the health standards set forth by the University and the College. These standards are set forth to protect our students and must be satisfied in order to be in Good Standing with the College. Prospective students must be compliant before starting their admitted term. Continuing students must complete any required documentation at the start of every subsequent semester to remain in compliance. If any item expires during the course of a semester, the student must correct the deficiency within 24 hours or be subject to class/clinic suspension and/or class/clinic withdrawal. 


Students can drop and add classes online through their Student Center in Albert. Students can refer to the University’s Refunds and Withdrawals schedule for more information about eligibility for tuition refunds.

Late Registration

Late registration may impact a student’s ability to progress and graduate on time. There will be a period of initial late registration for each academic semester. Initial registration means no prior registration for that academic semester exists and students are enrolling for the first time. Students will be able to register late during the second week of the academic semester only. There will be a late registration fee incurred. The responsibility is on the student to make up any missed coursework. No registration will be allowed after the last day of the second week of the semester.