Teaching a World Language 7-12: French (BS)

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science program in Teaching a World Language, Grades 7–12, allows students to specialize in one of several languages: Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish. Students take most language courses in the College of Arts and Science, thus, World Language Education students mix with a diverse group of other students throughout NYU to gain multilingual and multicultural awareness and appreciation. Courses taken in the Steinhardt School focus on teaching techniques and methods; creating curricula, materials, and audiovisual aids; and testing for language proficiency.

The goal of the program is to provide learners with a broad education in language development and a deep understanding of the speakers’ cultures. Participants in the bachelor’s program are exposed to current research and diverse approaches to language acquisition. Students are prepared to make appropriate instructional choices in the classroom and develop the cross-cultural sensitivity so critical in this field.

Students graduating from the program are eligible for New York State teacher certification for grades 7–12, with an extension for grades 5-6.


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