Education Studies (BA)

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In this BA program in Education Studies, students explore and examine the broader context of education. They learn how education continuously shapes society and how, in turn, society continuously transforms education. Using powerful tools from public policy, advocacy, and social entrepreneurship, students learn how all members of society can influence education at its many levels, whether in school or non school settings, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Through liberal arts and education core courses, students to gain a broad understanding of education from cultural, historical, sociological, political, and economic perspectives. Students dive deeply into a variety of education issues using approaches that are grounded in the social sciences and humanities, while honing relevant interdisciplinary skills such as writing, communication, and qualitative and quantitative methods of research and analysis.

Learning experientially is a key component of the program. Through study abroad, internships, and senior capstone projects, students gain hands-on experience involving educational change and advocacy.

The major prepares students to work in a broad range of governmental, nonprofit and industry settings as well as for graduate study in law, policy, social sciences, social work, education, and business.

Other Program Opportunities

Double major with Applied Psychology

Dual Degrees


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